Friday, February 10, 2012

The 10 most precious things about Claire...

10. The fact that she is a precious little girl... and that means LOTS of PINK!!!

9. The way she curls her fists one finger at a time and caresses us with her little fingers when we cuddle with her.

8. Her animated facial expressions. She is her momma's girl!

7. Every little gurgle, coo, and piglet noise that comes from her. There is something about it that makes me want to kiss her on the forehead every time.

6. The way she curls into a ball and sleeps on my chest. I could stay this way forever.

5. Her big, beautiful, alert Thompson eyes. It must be a dominant trait!

4. The way she has her daddy wrapped around her finger... already. And the way she makes me cry because she is so beautiful.

3. Her long floppy arms and big animated hands. I call her my little Gonzo.

2. The way her reddish-brown baby hair smells. I could kiss it all day long.

1. The fact that God made her and entrusted Chris and I to raise her.

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  1. love this Natalie! keep will forget all of this and the blog will remind you of all the wonderfulness and not so wonderfulness ;-)
    love y'all and SO happy for you!