Sunday, February 19, 2012

big news!

on saturday evening (after recovering from a yucky tummy bug), we packed ourselves and baby in the car and headed to didi and pop's house because kevin (chris' brother) and becca (kevin's gf) were in town to share their big news... THEY ARE ENGAGED!!! we could not be happier for them!!! they have the cutest engagement story ever, and becca (my awesome future SISTER-IN-LAW!!!) recounts it perfectly in her blog at :D i am so insanely excited about the wedding! oh, my, goodness. it is going to be gorgeous. and chris and i are stoked about being in the wedding party. HURRY UP AND GET HERE, JUNE!!!
in other news, max met claire on saturday. he has been living in college station for the past 2 weeks because he was hanging out with kevin and helping him plan the engagement (max had a role in the event, see becca's blog). we re-claimed him last night. he is terrified by every move claire makes and runs off any time she makes a noise. he will get used to her... eventually.

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